Politician's Pensions

Posted on Monday, June 14 at 13:48 by Jim Callaghan
Remember Perrin Beatty and his ilk; he will receive some $5 Million dollars if he lives to the age of 75. Now, that's a pension !!! Gagliano (emphasis on the GAG) will get a pension of some $90K for the rest of his life. I have a friend who used to work for the feds, and Elmer MacKay once said to him, "How am I going to live on $83K a year ?", and my friend was a little perturbed by this. Come on, if politicians work for the government for 10 or 15 years, then they should get a pension, but it shouldn't start until they hit 65. As far as I'm concerned, a pension of more than $50K is a living pension, and anyone who complains about it should get outta town !!! That really makes me angry, because my dad worked for the City of Toronto for 30 years, and his pension is less than $30K. What makes you think that politicians deserve more ?? I say $50K is plenty, and you get it when you retire at 65 years of age. If you choose to work longer, then that is fine, but retire on a reasonable pension, not an exhorbitant one. That's my tax dollars at work, dammit !!

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