United We Stand - Divided We Fall - Its Up To You!

Posted on Sunday, January 01 at 16:28 by whelan costen
We are offering ourselves to the people of Canada, now before it is too late! I repeat my message to you today. Why are Canadians standing by watching our house burn to the ground? The simple answer is because most believe they have called the fire-department (Council of Canadians and Democracy Watch) and believe they will fix it. The call is good. But the fire-department must dispatch the fire-trucks(CAP) and if they do not but instead call the police, or paramedics, we shall be thoroughly buried in ashes. Those are the hard facts. We need you to support us. Canadians need CAP to get the message out and to force debate of these critical issues. No other party will do it. We keep hearing the media say, ‘but none of the major parties are discussing NAFTA, or our loss of civil liberties, or the very real loss of our nation, our water, our environment’ and on and on. It is true, none of them will discuss it, because it was all done behind closed doors! Most of you must realize that CAP candidates are for the most part footing the entire bill for this election. We receive no government funding. We are passionate Canadians like you. We need help to save this country. Think about what we are offering to you. Members in Parliament with no undue influence. Members in Parliament that listen to the people of Canada. Members in Parliament prepared to return this country to a full democratic nation. None of CAP’s candidates are career politicians. We came up through the ranks of ‘common sense Canadians’, many came from the organizations I mentioned. CoC through MsBarlow, put out a great book revealing all the issues, 'The Canada We Want' and CAP is ready to deliver. So the question is do you want it, or do you only want to say you want it? We are prepared to aborgate NAFTA, rescind all the liberty stripping legislation enacted since 911 and return the nation to a full democracy for the people by the people. Do you want it? We have 23 days until voters caste their votes. If the leadership of CoC or Dwatch is prevented or unwilling to expose the only vehicle available to make the changes in this country, then it is incumbent on you the people driving these organizations to help spread the word. When history is recorded years from now, all those who know what has been happening and either allowed it to happen or assisted in the process, will be held responsible. All those sitting in government in the last 20 years either participated in the dismantling of this nation, or did nothing to stop it. The liberty stripping legislation, never discussed in public, was passed with all party consent. No debate. Do Canadians even know what that means? When Mr.Harper declares that for our security he will place 100 troops in cities across Canada, do Canadians understand that decision? 100 troops in cities, would not be sufficient to protect our sovereignty, if it was they would be outside the cities, on our borders. 100 troops is a small number, but certainly sufficient to prevent insurrection. When Mr. Martin works the other side of the fence, and insists that banning all the legally registered handguns in Canada to protect us, what is he saying? Legally registered property is not what is killing our children. Illegal guns, drugs, poverty, lack of proper education and healthcare is killing this nation. Once again, all of the threats CoC and Dwatch are exposing can be fixed! CAP is the only party willing to do it. Certainly we don’t have a candidate in every riding, but if you could spread the message, we could elect several across Canada and that would be enough to stop this erosion from continuing. It is up to you what you do with this information. Circulate it or delete it. Canada really is on the verge of colonialism under corporate rule. All of the messages CoC and dwatch are expressing are happening, but it serves no purpose to keep screaming fire while refusing to use the water made available to you, to put out the fire! Many Americans are hoping we will be successful. Canada has shown real leadership in the past, we can do it again if we work together! Yours truly Catherine Whelan Costen Canadian Action Party President www.canadianactionparty.ca [Proofreader's note: this article was edited for spelling and typos on January 2, 2006]

Note: www.canadianactionparty.ca

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