Disaster Used As Political Payoff

Posted on Wednesday, September 07 at 09:39 by Patm
For anyone wishing to donate only cash, the agency's site listed the names and phone numbers of three groups: the Red Cross, Operation Blessing and America's Second Harvest, a national coalition of food banks. That first list was followed by a second, longer list of several dozen religious and nonsectarian charities. This second list was for anyone who wanted to give either cash or noncash gifts. Just as in an ordinary election, however, top ballot position makes it far more likely you'll get noticed and chosen. The same FEMA list was then disseminated by state and local governments throughout the country. Both Gov. Pataki and Mayor Bloomberg, for example, placed the same top three FEMA charities on their Hurricane Katrina press releases and Web sites last week. Those familiar with Robertson and his charity were flabbergasted. Operation Blessing, with a budget of $190 million, is an integral part of the Robertson empire. Not only is he the chairman of the board, his wife is listed on its latest financial report as its vice president, and one of his sons is on the board of directors. Back in 1994, during the infamous Rwandan genocide, Robertson used his 700 Club's daily cable operation to appeal to the American public for donations to fly humanitarian supplies into Zaire to save the Rwandan refugees. The planes purchased by Operation Blessing did a lot more than ferry relief supplies. An investigation conducted by the Virginia attorney general's office concluded in 1999 that the planes were mostly used to transport mining equipment for a diamond operation run by a for-profit company called African Development Corp. http://www.nydailynews.com/front/story/343813p-293471c.html -------------------------------------------- Call for the murder of another country's leader and we'll make sure you get "a little something" for it. [Proofreader's note: this article was edited for spelling and typos on September 7, 2005]

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  1. Wed Sep 07, 2005 6:05 pm
    Great article!

    Well, another Religion for Profit guy has been outed, the fine upstanding "Christian" Pat Robertson, a powerful voice of indignant moral righteousness, ready to lead the charge for moral reconstruction; with a gun if need be. How about if we start with his moral reconstruction? Based on his business practices, he obviously figures only parts of the bible apply to him. His type makes your skin crawl doesn't it?

    Not all TV evangelists are fakes and charlatans thank God. There are some good and true ones out there. Charles Price in Toronto for one. I'm quite sure as well that he doesn't live in palatial compound, paid for with sucker dollars.

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