Harper 'Finds' Celil Case

Posted on Thursday, November 23 at 10:57 by jensonj
Unfortunately, upon assuming power, the prime minister could not resist his personal distaste for China. To show what he thinks about the rising economic superpower, our PM began his tenure by accusing the Chinese of having spies roaming Canada's streets. Out the window went Canada's long-standing effort to promote democracy in China and, quite possibly, our opportunities to directly discuss human rights issues with Beijing. To further the initial setback in Canada-China relations, Mr. Harper has now rushed headlong, under the cloak of brave-statesman-standing-up-to-the-evil-doers, into openly chastising China on its poor human rights record. Even more astounding to some international observers, Mr. Harper is suggesting that he will impart his newfound wisdom on human rights to the Chinese, and not get too worried with tawdry trade concerns. In the process, he boldly champions the newly discovered case of Mr. Celil. As someone who worked behind the scenes with other Liberals to get Chinese assurances that Mr. Celil would not be executed, afforded due process of law, and Canadian consular access, I find it strange that the Montreal Gazette and a few other newspapers also seem to have discovered Mr. Celil's plight. Until last week, The Gazette had a whopping two stories over the last year on Mr. Celil–-including one on August 8, in which Mr. Celil's wife was quoted as saying "the PM's intervention would mean everything right now," to save her husband's life. http://www.embassymag.ca:80/html/index.php?display=story&full_path=/2006/november/22/celil/ [Proofreader's note: this article was edited for spelling and typos on November 24, 2006]

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