Middle Class Can't Afford Justice, Top Judge Says

Posted on Friday, March 09 at 08:13 by jensonj
"The Canadian legal system is sometimes said to be open to two groups the wealthy and corporations at one end of the spectrum, and those charged with serious crimes at the other." The first group has money, and the second legal aid. She added a third group, families who can get legal aid when the welfare of children is at stake. But that still leaves average Canadians outside the system, McLachlin said. "Their options are grim: use up the family assets in litigation, become their own lawyers, or give up." People who represent themselves 44 per cent of litigants in one court pose a challenge to the courts, because they don't know the procedures. They cause delays and increase costs, for the public and for the other side. Lawyers and judges are making "modest progress" to help ease the pressure, she said. http://www.cbc.ca/consumer/story/2007/03/08/mclachlin-justice.html

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