Cuba Joins Iran To Shame Canada At UN

Posted on Friday, November 24 at 17:06 by drcaleb
The backbone of support for Canada came from Western democracies, and the European Union, Australia and New Zealand went on record saying Iran's anti-Canadian draft had been political retaliation for Canada's leadership Tuesday in seeing Iran's human rights record condemned. Human rights resolutions at the world body are meant to ''name-and-shame'' countries that abuse their citizens, but whether they pass, they often reveal allegiances on the international stage. Against the backdrop of the U.S. trade embargo against Cuba, Canada has provided considerable political and economic support to Cuba over the years, despite the island state's own internationally documented lapses in respecting human rights. Canadian tourists have also made Cuba one of their top five destinations, and Statistics Canada figures show some 517,900 visited last year, spending more than $457 million. [Proofreader's note: this article was edited for spelling and typos on November 27, 2006]


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