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Posted on Friday, December 12 at 17:11 by dru

The name of the site is inspired by, an effort by the Paul Martin leadership campaign to present their story directly to the public. "Instead of presenting Paul's public relations spiel, we'll be keeping track of his movements by presenting them in the context of his actual policies, past and present," said writer Dave Ron.

The web site will also feature discussion forums and reader submissions. One section, the Martintrospection Blog, invites readers to try to understand Paul's point of view by writing weblog entries from the point of view of the Prime Minister. Inspired by the Prime Minister's own "blog" entries, the blog invites visitors to speculate about what's going on in Martin's head.

Video and audio webcasts will also be featured on the site.

"We think that will play an exciting role in Canadian discourse in the coming months," said web developer and researcher Dru Oja Jay. "We hope to combine debate about our national priorities with a focus on the facts on the ground."


Web site:


Audio PSA:


Dave Ron, Dru Oja Jay and Rob Macguire work on from Halifax.a

Press Contacts:

Dave Ron, writer/researcher
ph: (902) 423-2122,

Dru Oja Jay, web developer/editor
ph: (902) 425-9888,

Rob Maguire, writer/researcher
ph: (902) 830-2691,

Note: Martintrospection Blog http://paulmartintime.c... http://paulmartintime.c...

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