Canada Seems Headed To Repeat History For The 3rd Time

Posted on Thursday, June 10 at 01:19 by Anonymous
The conservatives on the other hand come to power only as an emergency spare wheel, good and safe only for limited speed and distance. They are never confident in the tag between Britain the liberals call the old country and the US big brother. The conservatives are always happy the photo ops they get from British in the old days and US today. They look like caretakers not having the full knowledge of the owners’ dealings about the property. The campaign for emergency spare wheel is, we have a flat tire, punctured tire or the like. They are never even responsible for the flat tire. The Liberals do it themselves when they get bored with driving and drive on shoulders or off proper road. Sometimes they even let the air off playing pranks at each other. Every time the conservatives came the country changes dramatically. The conservatives try to destroy the liberal power base, but being a spare tire their time comes up fast. The Liberals power base is public corporations that they fully control and tinker with markets at whim. They even started an oil company when they saw the writing on the wall that oil will be the next gold and nations will go to war over it. They cobbled up some railroad companies, grinded and made a nice putty of them that the country is secured of railroad capacity for decades to come. The conservatives on the other hand try to play the big boys game, not realizing that it requires some bravado. Mr. Diefenbaker came after a very long liberal dictatorship and he lost AVRO, which was a dream of the liberals they sunk millions into it, but was their next toy to put them at the table of world powers. It was almost smooth sailing when the conservatives lost it. We don’t even know how and why it happened to this day. I don’t think Mr. Clarks regime could be hold in these lights. He is also a Canadian Liberal at heart. He has certain beliefs about the country that are not for negotiation even for power. I don’t think Mr. Clark would feel comfortable to bring the liberals down using separatists or fringes no matter how influential they might appear to be. On the other hand Mr. Mulroney seems to be anything goes, even the bloody liberal country is fair game. After another long, very long Liberal dictatorship came another spare wheel put together by dubious glue called the Mulroney train. Again the Liberals like Mr. Chrétien had punctured the normal tire. The evening the election results were announced the campaign promises were gone. This regime has America’s power influence and Margaret Thatcher’s new religion. He started talking about the legacy before he got to the chair. What a legacy that was; campaign against free trade, but make it first priority, promised to respect pension, but first or second legislation attempt was on de-indexing, seven ministers either accused or charged with unto worthy stuff, Corporations on fire sale, the debt that was supposed to be fixed was more than tripled, deficit as far as the eye can see, one military venture to Somalia, ill defined body-body based mission a disaster. Air Canada today is not only a perfect reminder of Mr. Mulroney, but the man has no shame he is advising one of the prospective financiers to share from the mutilation. He has no shame in becoming the most prominent director of ADM while our farmers have lost markets under his watch to the Americans and still wants to profit from their burial. One very surprising piece of information is that in one hundred years there was never a conservative government that lasted 10 or more years in power; thus the emergency spare wheel. The conservatives this time are using the same campaign. Arrogant, dictatorial (all power in Ottawa), corrupt Liberals. We have heard it all, but I am not sure we have the same ears. We have been de-industrialized in Ontario to modern day stone age. The power outage last year could have happened any other time, but when it happened and the way power was restored between US and Ontario would have made CD Howe grab his jacket, call all the bankers to get ready, nationalized some land or company with emergency measures (Public safety & security), issue order in council and gone to work, that it never happens again. This country, at the very minimum; should have the capacity to supply power to all the US states bordering us. Establish Canada power corporation and no Enron smarts or dimwit is going to come close. This time; if we repeat history, it might be a better man than all previous conservatives except that for me I am afraid of Neo-Cons, where ever they are. The amount of poverty and social destruction they create is directly proportional to their influence. The Americans will be reeling from this past 20 years for decades to come. If they don’t get an FDR soon, sector by sector they are loosing to the competition. They are hanging on to GDP, GNP, CPI type of measurements that really should be discontinued, if not outright banned, for policy makers and leaders. HDI, human development index is a better measure and our dear brethren and neighbor are falling like a brick on that one. If we repeat history this time and mounted the spare wheel, we might be OK except for one small detail, the Federal government itself. Mr. Klein in Alberta and the Bloc in Quebec are salivating at their opportunity. Our Texas north now can claim to be US ambassador’s best friend not only from Calgary-Edmonton, but through Ottawa as well. Historically the two tyres are made of rubber from different sources. The normal running tire, Liberal is ground up British, French spiced by Aboriginals, immigrants and New Found land. The spare tire, Conservative is made from British and now completely US rubber. The only difference is that this time it might be a recycled Chinese or Taiwanese, cheap, mass produced tire the Americans are getting. Nothing the Liberals say about Mr. Harper scares me. I was already scared when Mr. Klein (a man not known for being a social thinker, economist or even good old Canadian politeness except for his money, drunkenness and parroting Bush’s man in Ottawa and Harpers group of advisors) the key note speaker and the conservatives this time are not afraid to call themselves New Cons, stronger in belief, not shy to preach morals, not afraid to experiment with a finicky country that international financiers have been eying for a long time to put it in its place; total obedience. © TD Pushkin, June 2004 TD Pushkin is an immigrant who was witness to the goings of the Mulroney ‘regime’. He landed in Saskatchewan, that quintessentially and absolutely Canadian province, but left before Mulroney’s best friend Mr. Divine (whose government officials could fill a quorum behind bars or court chambers) had started his adventure. TD Pushkin now lives in Ontario, the province most helpful in the preservation of Canada.

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