Canadians Better Protected By A U.S. Law

Posted on Tuesday, November 15 at 12:25 by jensonj
Between 1994 and 1996, Cutler worked at the public works department as a procurement officer under Chuck Guité, the bureaucrat who almost single-handedly ran the sponsorship program. Cutler said he was asked to backdate contracts, refused, and then was told he’d have to pay a price for his behaviour. He eventually made a formal complaint to a union official in June 1996 and almost lost his job. Although Cutler found another job within the federal government, he never went higher in the ranks and eventually retired last year. He now teaches and does consulting in the area of government ethics. Cutler said that although attempts have been made to identify a specific profile for whistleblowers, studies show that they tend to be most diligent and apply similar moral standards in their workplace and at home.

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