Sometimes, Sports Isn't About Politics

Posted on Saturday, January 07 at 09:34 by jensonj
"There are legitimate places for expressions of anti-Americanism, but I don't think a hockey rink is one of them," added the Vancouver Sun's Pete McMartin. He was particularly offended that Vancouverites chanted "U.S. sucks" when the American team played the Russians on January 2. He implied we should cheer for the Americans because they are our neighbours, and share our values, and because they are not, like the Russians, only a generation removed from a regime of "soul crushing despotism". "When the hockey louts start chanting the same slogans as the local Trotskyist cell, you know you have an ugly trend," he declared. In other words, unless you're cheering for us against them, politics has no place in sports. Myself, I like projecting politics on sports as much as the next ink-stained wretch, but I try to do it in jest.


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