Time Is Running Out For Afghanistan

Posted on Saturday, July 08 at 12:36 by bracewell
He doesn't believe the majority of Afghans actively support the Taliban, but are waiting to see which side prevails. Mr. Alexander, (deputy special representative of UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan in Afghanistan), says: ‘The best the Taliban can hope in the south, is for a few tribes so hard done by they're willing to turn to any alternative, some alliance of convenience with the drug traders.’ ‘Afghanistan is also inoculated against the Taliban in important ways, because they lived under them, it was a real tyranny.’ But the government is also sorely troubled and a home to former tribal warlords identified as suspected war criminals by the Afghanistan Justice Project. It is these ordinary people who see in positions of authority ranging from local police chiefs and district administrators to government ministers - the same people they personally know committed atrocities, or are part of the opium drug mob or who at have at minimum have gained their jobs and influence by nepotism. "These people should not be promoted and rewarded and that is what has happened. Their networks are established; they are now out of control. The control of the Afghan government is now limited to the palace, not even to Kabul." The situation can be resolved if: nations flooding this country with money for development and security, and Karzai cleans up the government. But the remaining window is perhaps a matter of three to six months. The trends – assassinations; schools being burned; bombings even in the capital are worrisome. As ambassador Sood said, ‘It's not a question of optimism. We have to make it work. The consequences otherwise are much too serious to contemplate." NOTE: THE US-CIA CREATED THE TALIBAN-MUJAHADEEN TO PROVOKE THE SOVIET INVASION, ACCORDING TO Zbigniew Brzezinski http://members.aol.com/Bblum6/brz.htm WORSE STILL, THE CIA DID NOT APPROACH LOCAL CIVIL LEADERS FOR THIS JOB, THEY INSTEAD CREATED DRUG-WARLORDS (JUST AS THEY DID WITH CAMBODIANS AND ALBANIANS) http://www.alternet.org/story/13000/ HOMEPAGE: http://bracewell.livejournal.com

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