Allocution From Mr. Ghislain Picard, Regional Chief Of The Assembly Of First Nat

Posted on Sunday, October 09 at 12:38 by jensonj
It explains, in part, why First Nations have been forced to launch litigation from time to time. It is to have our voices heard and our rights respected where politicians fail. I repeat. It is to have our voices heard and our rights respected where politicians fail. Recourse to the courts by first nations is necessary where politics has is unsuccessful - and it happens regularly, it separates peoples and cultures rather than increasing tolerance and respect. But it does not need to be that way. Let me now turn to what some one once called the art of the possible - politics. First Nations in Quebec periodically get premiers or their ministers to promise us a new day has dawned on our relations and that the political process, greased by new-found political will, will resolve our differences once and for all. And in the less time than it takes to say isle René Levasseur, we are ignored once again and-or worse. I will explain the reference to the island in a moment. But first let me explain my intent in speaking to you today. Today I will outline for you the rationale for a real and lasting political commitment to achieve harmony between the First Nations and Quebec. First - I will describe why should there be coordination and cooperation. Second, I will explain what the relationship should be - And finally I will suggest how we can get there together. And I hope to leave the impression that not all is gloomy - there are positives and there is hope for better relations. ---------------------------------------------


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