1st-Ever Debate On North American Integration

Posted on Monday, March 12 at 08:55 by truepatriot
American University Professor Robert Pastor

WASHINGTON Robert Pastor, the architect of the "North American Community" that would integrate the U.S., Mexico and Canada, will publicly debate his proposals with author and WND columnist Jerome Corsi at NEWS EXPO 2007 in Washington, May 11.

It will be the first debate of its kind between a major proponent of North American integration and an outspoken critic.

Pastor wrote "Toward a North American Community," a book promoting the development of a North American union as a regional government and the adoption of the amero as a common monetary currency to replace the dollar and the peso.

Read the rest of the BS here...

Note: WorldNetDaily.com Robert Pastor WND columnist Jerome... NEWS EXPO 2007 in Wa... Toward a North Ameri... Read the rest of the...

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