The Power Sharing Experience In Canada

Posted on Saturday, March 10 at 20:01 by jensonj
An enigma I was in a sense an enigma among the six. Technically I was living in Canada but writing for a Sri Lankan newspaper. So on this trip I was a Sri Lankan journalist and not a Canadian resident. Since I do baffle many by writing on Sri Lankan affairs for Sri Lankan newspapers from Canada this ‘duality’ was nothing new. Yet, I had to preface most of my self-introductions with the line “Actually I am living in Toronto and writing on Sri Lankan affairs for The Sunday Leader published in Colombo……..”. This provided perennial amusement to my colleagues who struggled to keep a straight face as I kept parroting the “actually” line. The only reward was the look on many faces at this puzzling phenomenon. Initially, I had been doubtful wondering whether I would feel out of place in the team as I had been away from the media scene in Colombo for nearly two decades. Going around with fellow Sri Lankan journalists on an extended tour like this was a fond yet distant memory. But the tour was pleasantly productive and all of us from the veteran Victor to the team’s ‘baby’ Ayesha interacted happily and well. Typical Lankan style jokes and wisecracks were galore with Irina saying “You guys are so funny and always laughing.”


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