Do U.S. Gays Enjoy Promise Of Independence Day?

Posted on Sunday, July 02 at 11:17 by jensonj
“Gay Americans have it good compared to gays in most other countries around the world,” said Richard Burnett, a 41-year-old gay man living in Montreal. “They enjoy freedom of speech and freedom of association. But still they face much institutionalized homophobia at home.” In anticipation of the U.S. Independence Day celebration, the Blade interviewed gays living in Thailand, Belarus, Brazil and other disparate locations to gauge how U.S. gays are perceived abroad. Some, like 25-year-old lesbian Bec Hulands of Sydney, Australia, said television shows like “Queer as Folk” and “Will & Grace” define how many people see U.S. gays. “The guys are [shown as] very body conscious, while the women don’t really embrace the butch-femme stereotype,” she said. “Guys are either camp or oversexed. The women are straight looking.” Jaime Aquino, a 44-year-old flight attendant who lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, said U.S. gays reinforce these stereotypes by appearing and behaving as expected. “They’re beautiful, they’re good looking, they can be gentle — if they want you,” he said. “They are not very interested in other cultures.”

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