The Real Terrorists Are Holed Up In Washington

Posted on Wednesday, April 06 at 09:18 by 4Canada
A band of terrorists breaks into the national treasury, empties the whole thing, leaves a hole in the bottom so deep it will take two generations to plug it up. They send the almighty dollar into a tailspin around the deep, dark drain of depression. Nobody notices. They rob the poor and give to the rich. They pull a fast one on the elderly, trick the unborn out of their pensions, saddle them with federal debt. They leave children behind. They bait. They switch. They cover their tracks.

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  1. by avatar Spud
    Wed Apr 06, 2005 11:46 pm
    Start you own home based terrorist organization!
    Kill anyone you don`t like hate everyone,take waht you want.All with your very own terrorist kit,come complete with guns,ammo,detonators,explosives,even a manual!Plus if you order right now we will include this special longrange intercontinental ballistic missle with a 500 megaton warhead!
    Call now.Operators are standing by!

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