Campaign To Make Canada Safe Haven For US Soldiers

Posted on Friday, April 22 at 10:36 by 4Canada
During America's darkest moments, Canada has provided a sanctuary for young men and women who refuse to fight Washington's wars. It is becoming clear that Canada is once again needed to play that role. I think the Bush administration cares very little about these soldiers' lives. Ill-prepared and under-equipped, soldiers in Iraq are left to scavenge through garbage for scraps of bullet-proof armour plating to protect their trucks from attacks. When they have finished their tour, the military can arbitrarily extend it for a second and even third tour of duty. This places untold hardship on soldiers, their spouses and their families. As a result, 6,000 soldiers have deserted the U.S. military. Desperate for more soldiers, the U.S. government scrambles every day to recruit more young men and women to replace the dead and the maimed. The recruiters are thickest in poor and visible-minority communities, where they promise citizenship, education, glamour or wealth. The Bush administration is forcing public schools to hand over their lists of students' names and phone numbers to military recruiters. In some cases, high school students have been offered $5,000 to quite literally sign their lives away to military recruiters. Perhaps because of the pressure, or a guilty conscience, 37 recruiters have deserted the military too. George W. Bush has said he won't bring back the draft. But as some experts have noted, America can either continue with its all-volunteer military or it can bring back the draft and remain a superpower -- but it can't do both. The hawks are calling on Bush to retract his promise. That's why I and many of my colleagues have issued the appeal that appears below. We hope that you will answer the appeal by visiting and sending your letter directly to Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, urging him to allow U.S. soldiers to enter Canada if they request permission to do so. In solidarity, Tom Hayden To send a letter to PM Martin:

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  1. Sat Apr 23, 2005 2:18 am
    OK! I have sent my letter. Thanks for the post!

  2. Sat Apr 23, 2005 4:06 pm
    Canada doesn't need people who are as dumb as these guys. How stupid can they be? If you join the US forces it is possible to be involved in combat - that should be obvious to even the dumbest of the dumb.

    The Americans can't afford to sit back like Canadians and let the world get screwed over by tyrants in the middle east who are creating terrorists, because these terrorists will attack the US eventually - as in the 9/11 attacks.

    Canadians figure if we're nice to terrorists they'll attack someone else - so we support dictators and other murderers because it's nice and easy - and we might get some fat money oil contracts or dam building contracts. What do we care when other people are doing the dying - as long as we make money and the dying is not reported by the media it's fine.

    The army deserters are morally bankrupt and unfortunately - so are a lot of Canadians. We don't need more of their ilk here.

  3. by avatar Spud
    Sat Apr 23, 2005 7:37 pm
    Deserters are morally bankrupt?
    Why don`t you go and fight those so called terrorists?

  4. Sat Apr 23, 2005 11:34 pm
    I don't mind a few American soldiers who want to desert coming to Canada. I just don't want to see an Exodus of American soldiers to Canada. Some can go to Mexico as well. I hope I don't sound too insensitive.

    Alliance Atlantis: A Canadian Film Distribution Company
    Star Wars: Episode III May 2005
    "A person who walks in someone elses footprints leaves no footprints."

  5. Sun Apr 24, 2005 1:45 am
    Tom Hayen, the old hippy burnout that wrote the letter above is Hanoi Jane's ex-husband who never moved on in life from the 60's/70's...emotionally, or mentally. Physically yes. Too many 'shrooms. Good for growing brain cells. Does anybody ever research who these people are and why they write what they do? This guy's been having fun lately in the states because of Jane Fonda's new book...lots of free attention for the poor old burnout (being an ex of hers and all the publicity about French Indochina) who can't get the time of day from ANYONE anymore, except of from who? No, kidding. How 'bout those numbers quoted...lot's of those good 'ol 'shrooms went into that train of "enlightened" thought!!! Somehow, I think the American people would much prefer us to keep their "cream of the crop" that came across the border. I know that I were in their shoes that's how I would feel! So let's do the brave souls a favor and put them on the public payroll and make heroes out of them for signing up for the money, bennies, and prestige...taking them...and then when asked to DO something in return (which was explained to them fully upon enlistment) for those goodies, run to our open, loving, adoring arms...why? Because we hate America...and we are for helping anybody who would turn their back on America. Let's just bear in mind one thing about people like this. If the day ever comes when WE might need the services of every able bodied man to defend ourselves (maybe even against America?)...where do you think these guys will go??? Yup. You got it. SO don't expect me to spend MY tax dollars feeding, sheltering, and clothing a traitor to their own country. They were NOT drafted against their will. They are just more than willing to take advantage of our eagerness to do ANYTHING to help someone if we thought it could somehow hurt America. That is what it is about, and nothing more. You all know it. And they want to milk that inbred desire of ours. Are we really so stupid as that? I would hope not. Would we take in French deserters who didn't want to kill unarmed civilian men, women, and children in the Ivory coast? Not just no, but HELL no. Why should these guys be any different? That's not cool. France is our motherland. They can't do wrong. The French soldiers know this, so we don't see any coming here. They go to America where France is hated. American deserters go to Canada where America is hated. It is the assumption all deserters operate under. Seek asylum from your contries enemies, not it's friends if you want a chance of success. Think about the real reason why they want to come here. DO any of them REALLY look (or sound) all that "heroic/brave" to you? Would you want them in OUR military? WOuld you trust OUR defense to them if their were danger involved? Uh, huh.

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