Heroes Fight Evildoers From Ottawa Base

Posted on Sunday, March 18 at 15:20 by jensonj
The Omega Flight team will feature a hand-picked roster of super-heroes who find themselves based in Ottawa, fighting evildoers in a bid to defend the borders of the Great White North. The funny thing is, only two of the team are actually Canadian. The team also includes three expatriate Americans and one alien. "It's an interesting element," said Andy Schmidt, editor of the new Omega Flight comic. "When we first let people in on the roster there was a lot of outcry. Canadians don't like it ... they don't want the Americans to come in." Mr. Schmidt said mixing Americans into the newly-formed group allows the comic's creative team to explore some storylines related to Canada-U.S. relations. Almost a month before the comic is set to be released, Canadian comic fans are clamouring to get their hands on an issue. One group of particularly rabid fans has started an online petition called Fight For The Flight, urging Marvel to make the comic a regular publication instead of a five-part series. Marvel's Mr. Schmidt said making the Canadian team a regular feature is a possibility, but it depends on how popular the comic becomes. The entire team of the original [Marvel Comic] Alpha Flight, with the exception of Sasquatch, was killed off during a battle with a group called The Collective in February 2006. Alpha Flight was originally created by a fictional Canadian government entity called Department H. The department was supposed to be a top-secret research and development agency that was part of Canada's Department of National Defence and the Canadian Forces. Department H was involved in the creation of many of Canada's most popular super-heroes, including Deadpool and Wolverine. Wolverine has gone from the pages of the comic book to star in cartoons and blockbuster movies, including three X-Men films. He will also appear in his own feature-length film, which could be in theatres as early as 2008. http://www.canada.com/ottawacitizen/news/city/story.html?id=09b03d73-ff7c-443b-856b-67dde1fc76e4&k=57888 [Proofreader's note: this article was edited for spelling and typos on March 19, 2007]

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