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Posted on Saturday, October 15 at 09:27 by Perturbed
He said that the issue is basically about the United States' abiding by a decision that was made. "NAFTA must be respected. And we will do everything we need to do to ensure that it is." But neither leader budged from their original position during the 20-minute chat, officials said. "It was a call to make our position clear," an official in the Prime Minister's Office told Of the 20-minute call, 15 minutes were focused on maintaining the integrity of NAFTA, the official said. Mr. Bush said that, while the U.S. wants NAFTA to work, he believes that the way forward is negotiation. The Prime Minister said he does not see any sense in negotiating "a victory we've already won," the official said......" "The President began the conversation by thanking Mr. Martin for Canada's assistance to the victims of hurricane Katrina, saying that, when he landed in Biloxi, Miss., the first people he saw were Canadians helping out". [Proofreader's note: this article was edited for spelling and typos on October 15, 2005]


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