Vatican's Hatred Stands Exposed

Posted on Monday, November 14 at 13:38 by jensonj
Of course, there are many versions of Muslims but there is just one Islam. Vatican just finds it convenient at such occasions to introduce differences among Muslims and vomit its hatred against Islam in the name of “Islam of Ayatollahs” and “Islam of the Taliban.” One may compare the outbursts of the Church against Iran for its president's comments with its total silence over what the US is doing in Iraq. The evidence has just surfaced that the US used weapons of mass destruction against civilian population in Fallujah and other cities. However, despite the Italian TV and BBC’s reporting the war crime, neither the Church nor the US media called Bush and his company’s Christian faith into question. Italian TV just aired a documentary showing evidence of the the US using chemical weapons against civilians in Fallujah.[2] It showed how Giuliana Sgregna, the Italian Journalist who was kidnapped, then nearly assassinated by US troops following her release, had been reporting on that very story along with one other journalist who was killed by US troops at the time. The British Press picked up the story. The rest of the world picked up the story. But the Church and the US media act as if they are not living on this planet. No one from the Church, sitting in Rome, watching Italian TV documentary about the irrefutable evidence of the US war crimes, dared to condemn Bush or directly target his Christian faith over the use of White Phosphorus against civilian population in Fallujah. Nevertheless, the Church was quick to jump and start criticizing “Islam of Ayatollahs” for the words of Iranian president against Zionism and a state that is racist to its core. Everything from leaving Bush’s butchery aside and picking Iranian President’s words alone; to keeping their meaning and context aside and jumping to criticizing his faith in defense of Zionism, expose what the general public doesn’t see too often on display from the leaders of the Church. The Church’s latest attack on Muslim faith is not a surprise at all. The Vatican and Israel stunned the world by signing an agreement on diplomatic relations on December 30, 1993. For 45 years since the birth of Israel, no such relations had existed. In fact, there had been deep bitterness between these two parties. Notes: [1]. Sandro Magister, “The Church Breaks its Silence over the Islam of the Ayatollahs,” L’espresso, November 12, 2005 [2]. See: [3]. Shlomo Shamir, “Catholic Church equates anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism,” Haaretz, July 09, 2004. [4]. Ibid., Shlomo Shamir. [5]. Jane Lampman, From churches, a challenge to Israeli policies,” Christian Science Monitor, December 06, 2004. [6]. “Episcopal Church next to shun Israel? Anglican leaders following Presbyterians, pushing for divestment from Jewish state,” WorldNetDaily URL: URL access: Nov 12, 2005. [7]. Julian Coman and Bruce Johnston in Rome, “Vatican buries the hatchet with Blair and Bush over Iraq,” Observer, October 10, 2004. [8]. Parade magazine, April 3, 1994. [9]. See: Pope Benedict's August 21, 2005 address to Muslim leaders in Germany. [10] Abid Ullah Jan, "To hell with Muslim terrorism:Pope Benedict can do better than lecturing Muslims about terrorism," American Muslim Perspective, August 24, 2005. URL: Article:

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