Personality Tests For Traumatized Troops Called Unnecessary

Posted on Sunday, July 02 at 12:52 by RPW As far as I am concerned, this government is (once again) following in the footsteps of the Bush administration, this time with the latter's vile treatment of its military with cutbacks in benefits, and refusal to treat many there for PTSD. Moreover, this is being ordered in Canada by the same people who will never "step up to the plate" and offer some sacrifice for this "war" we are fighting, yet hold the power to manipulate those who do. In fact, these selfsame people stand to benefit greatly by the war on terror, because the billions that it costs is being spent SOMEWHERE, folks. In World War I, soldiers who exhibited "shell shock" were commonly executed for cowardice and desertion. As Private W. Hay remarked: " were between the devil and the deep blue sea. If you go forward, you`ll likely be shot, if you go back you`ll be court-martialled and shot, so what the hell do you do? What can you do? You just go forward because that`s the only bloke you can take your knife in, that`s the bloke you are facing..." In later years, this callous treatment of primarily non-commissioned ranks, was condemned. But it seems there are those among us today who still believe that victims of "shell shock" are shirkers, and these people are far more cruel than the imperious generals of WWI who ordered the executions. They are far more cruel because, back then a firing squad at least put the victims out of of their misery. Today, they are just......spit upon and forgotten. Yes, spit upon and forgotten by the very people who would not have made the billions they did (and continue to do), and who are so niggardly with their "blood money", that they cannot throw a few shekels into the pot to help those who did "step up to the plate".

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