Media Caught Up In The Spin Cycle

Posted on Thursday, February 15 at 09:27 by 4Canada
As the Times' progressive Paul Krugman wrote yesterday, "Why wasn't any official willing to take personal responsibility for the reliability of alleged evidence of Iranian mischief, as opposed to being an anonymous source? If the evidence is solid enough to bear close scrutiny, why were all cameras and recording devices, including cellphones, banned from yesterday's Baghdad briefing?" Excuse me, but haven't we been down this road to war before? This is how it worked last time: the administration planted stories in the media and then went on the media to say that the media were reporting stories about smoking guns and mushroom clouds and hey this isn't coming from us, it's coming from the New! York! Times! [Proofreader's note: this article was edited for spelling and typos on February 16, 2007]

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