Uppity Nurses And Retired Civil Servants Sue B.C. Government

Posted on Wednesday, January 04 at 10:31 by BC Mary
Imagine the arrogance of a pack of uppity retired civil servants actually hiring a lawyer and taking Your Government to court just because government in its wisdom has decided it ought to stop paying your medical premiums. Here's the Right Honourable Gord Campbell and cohorts trying to save government $90 million, money that could go towards paying the shot for some more great tax breaks for corporations. How do we save $90 million? By no longer paying Medical Service Plan and extended health-care premiums for retired civil servants. What could be simpler? And there's some busybody nurse taking Gordo and co. to court about it. Getting a lawyer and making it a class action suit. And, a Supreme Court that ought to know better giving them the go-ahead. Consequently, for the greater good of the greater number, your New Era of Opportunity government has undertaken three separate appeal procedures to stop this legal nonsense. These same three appeals, of course, at taxpayers' expense. So says Peter Waldmann, lawyer for the uppity nurses and other retirees, as reported by the CBC. Do not bother to look for a report on this matter in the CanWest newspaper monopoly. Too busy writing about whose car got stolen and what the cops did last night. http://haveyouhadenoughyet.com/kickme.php#pissonthelaw

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