Boys Urge McBoycott Over Softwood Lumber Dispute

Posted on Monday, November 14 at 15:35 by jensonj
They condemned U.S. President George W. Bush and his administration for refusing to respect several NAFTA rulings supporting Canadian claims that the tariffs were illegal including a recent one by an international panel whose rulings were supposed to be binding in disputes under the North American Free Trade Agreement. "The U.S. is just being a bully to us and keeps punching us," Matthew said. "It's just sick and wrong." The boys decided to make a statement by targeting one of the biggest and most beloved U.S. institutions the golden arches. "It's the most famous U.S. company in the world, that's why," Matthew said. McDonalds Canada responded with a statement that points out that most of its Canadian restaurants are owned by Canadians who employ other Canadians. The company also emphasized that it sells hamburgers, not lumber. The boys said they're determined to press ahead.


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