Thinking The Unthinkable: Is It Time For A Third-Party President?

Posted on Monday, June 14 at 14:56 by 4Canada

From What Really Happended
The election results are still coming in from England as I type this, but Tony Blair's pro-war labor party took a kick in the teeth the likes of which has not been seen in a long time. The Liberal Democrats, a party that opposed the war, made huge gains. It is still unknown whether the Conservative party will take the majority in Parliament, but as of this writing the contest is a dead heat.

This follows on the defeat of Spanish President Jose Maria Aznar, another pro-war leader voted out of office in March despite a last-ditch staged bombing to try to build support for him and the war.

The writing is on the wall. Pro-war leaders are discovering that their war is very unpopular with the people, and far too late, that whoever said opposition to the war was a minority fringe that could be safely ignored was being optimistic to say the least!

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