Bashing America: Anti-U.S. Sentiment In Canada May Escalate

Posted on Tuesday, January 17 at 10:44 by Anonymous
In a blatant appeal for votes, candidates of every stripe, led by Prime Minister Paul Martin and his ruling Liberal Party, are taking aim at Washington, blasting it for taxing Canadian lumber imports, for failing to fight global warming, for lax gun-control laws, for dealing inappropriately with the war on terrorism. And all the while, they're studiously ignoring Canada's own homegrown issues. America-bashing became such a central part of the election landscape last month that U.S. ambassador David Wilkins warned that Canadian-American relations could take a turn for the worse if party leaders didn't back off. But his words only prompted Canadian politicians to lash back with admonitions of their own. Even Stephen Harper, leader of the Conservatives, the party generally most sympathetic to the United States, declared: ''I don't think foreign ambassadors should be expressing their views or intervening in an election.''

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