Canadians Want Two Tier Health Care Poll Claims

Posted on Wednesday, June 02 at 19:48 by Anonymous
I actually heard about this from a question and answer session with Jack Layton on The National on june 1. A Kiwi from Vancouver proclaimed his support for two-tier health (he called himself Canadian, which he may very well be technically), cited the poll and asked for Layton's response. This isn't the first Kiwi from Vancouver I've heard espousing the glories of the free market for OUR health care system. It's not enough we have the republican nutbar imports from the US to deal with, now we're getting them from across the international date line.

"The poll for the economic institute, a pro-free market think- tank, asked whether people would find it acceptable for the government to "allow those who wish to pay for health care in the private sector to have speedier access to this type of care, while still maintaining the current free and universal system."'

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