Education Vs Indoctrination Vs Critical Thinking

Posted on Sunday, January 14 at 19:57 by whelan costen
Knowing the law seems to be a critical part of our modern lives. We live by what seems to be a never ending set of rules/laws. Yet most citizens do not know the law. They rely heavily on lawyers to interpret the law. Then a judge interprets it for everyone. So knowing the law is not the same as interpreting the law. Living by an increasingly more complicated set of rules becomes part of our modern-day survival skills. We could probably dedicate our lives to understanding the rules we are meant to live by. It is designed in a way that we are primarily dependent on someone else to help us with the rules. Most of us spend our youth in a classroom learning the rules of life, but not the laws we are governed by. We are told that getting an education is critical to our success as an adult. Success is defined for us. We are taught what to think. Not, how to think. Just like our relationship to the law, we are always just a bit short of having all the tools to function. To read the full article: or search the site Note: I wasn't sure which section this applies to, because without critical thinking all areas of our lives are impacted. Thanks to Dio for bringing up the issue. This is one person's observation and other opinions are certainly appreciated. [Proofreader's note: this article was edited for spelling and typos on January 15, 2007]


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