Stand Up For Democracy Now: Emerson And The Crisis Of Citizen Democratic Rights

Posted on Sunday, February 12 at 12:13 by PatriotPete
Furthermore, Mr. Emerson campaigned as a Liberal, spoke as a Liberal, placed lawn signs all over Vancouver-Kingsway announcing he was a Liberal candidate, collected donations as a Liberal, and citizens relying on those pronouncements elected him as their MP. To the shock and dismay of voters Mr. Emerson, at Mr. Harper’s invitation crossed the floor, and this in my view is not only in violation of the ‘doctrine of fairness’ but is a blatant breach of the ‘doctrine of legitimate expectations’. Harper campaigned on the theme “Stand up for Canada”, but before Parliament is even called into session he disregarded that theme. Therefore it falls to us, as citizens of Canada to “Stand Up for Democracy”. While it is proper that the NDP has referred this matter to the Ethics Commissioner – that is no effective remedy – likely it will take many months, even a year for a decision to come down from that office. The political remedy that is required is for both Mr. Harper and Mr. Emerson to resign and should that appeal to integrity fail, then the only resort is to seek a remedy in the courts of this land, a remedy that will protect citizen rights. Indeed if citizens of Canada value democracy they must not depend on politicians to advance or protect it, they must be prepared if necessary to look to the courts for protection of their fundamental rights. Peter Dimitrov

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  1. by DaveC
    Sun Feb 12, 2006 9:02 pm
    Absolutely Peter. Emerson should step down now and so should Harper (or immediately reverse his position on this issue). The David Emerson situation gives us a particular riding whose voters have had their votes stolen, and as they want their votes and rights returned, it is natural to attack their particular elected MP.

    In reality though Stephen Harper is just as guilty if not more so that David Emerson in the theft of these votes. I believe that now it is time to also start a petition that demands Stephen Harper reverse his two non democratic cabinet posts or resign for breaching his promise to the voters of a Better democracy, no senate appointments etc. etc.

    If he won't resign then we demand that the Opposition parties defeat his government at the earliest possible opportunity in the interest of Canadian democracy.

  2. Sun Feb 12, 2006 10:03 pm
    The two things that bother me the most about these appointments are that Emerson and Harper have basically taken any voters ballot that chose Emerson/Liberal and erased that vote because they didn't like it and remarked it Emerson/Conservative. And as far as I'm concerned anyone defending that move is just as unprincipled as these two men are. They were not in the HOC when this happened. There was no floor crossing there was vote tampering.

    And if the voter had a lawful way of recalling our MPs for this kind of behaviour I would be less angry right now because we would be given the same rights as these appointed MPs. We could fire them ourselves which would be the democratic way. They are our SERVANTS. We need electoral reform more than any other thing in this country. I laugh (scoff) at Canadians going around the world assisting in "democracy" when we need that right here in Canada!

    "And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music." Friedrich Nietzsche

  3. Mon Feb 13, 2006 12:11 am
    Thanks, Peter.

    Something to remember, when people shrug this off as simply
    changing labels from Liberal to Conservative ... is that many of
    us are seriously alarmed (OK, frightened) by Harper's
    Conservatives. We have a genuine fear for Canada's future if
    Harper has the power to align our country more closely with
    George W. Bush and his anti-social, war-like policies. We fear
    Deep Integration, conducted as slyly as Emerson's defection.

    Buzz Hargrove warned people to vote NDP if possible, but if
    necessary to vote Liberal if it meant stopping the Harper
    Conservatives. His plan worked beautifully in Vancouver-

    But who could ever have imagined that 13 days later, for no
    reason and without warning, their Liberal M.P. slunk into Rideau
    Hall and got himself sworn in as the very thing they most feared: a
    Harper Conservative?

    It's way more than a mere change of labels. What Emerson did
    breaches the social contract. It stinks to high heaven of corruption.
    Like Michael Fortier who had better things to do than stand for
    election, it makes our electoral process meaningless.

    And y'know what really sums up this man, and makes me really
    angry? David Emerson had the nerve to blame us because his
    kids are upset !! His actions. His kids. Our fault. He has no clue
    as to his duty to serve the public interest.

  4. Mon Feb 13, 2006 12:32 am
    The question could have been; was it Emerson or was it the Liberals who was elected. Obviously in this case, the voters say the party. In a no-party system would Emerson have been elected and if not, whom and why? In the past we have seen members of a riding bumped for someone that their party wanted in. Obviously the common rule applied means the person running for an election is nothing more then an icon for an electorial party. Why bother voting for an individual if it's just the party is what counts? Why not just vote for the party and have the party select the representative?

  5. by avatar Spud
    Mon Feb 13, 2006 1:01 am
    What about a petition with the appropiate signatures?
    Take it to the Gov General and could he not be ousted?Replaced?

  6. Mon Feb 13, 2006 1:02 am
    Unfortunately, the problem goes further back than this example. As I've said before, Canada is NOT a democracy. It never HAS been and has never pretended to be. If anything the 'common law tradition' is the complete disregard of 'voters'. Chretien dismantled our health care even though he had only 40% of the vote. If 'fairness' were a consideration Canada's political system wouldn't exist, it would be far different.

    This is merely the example that proves the rule. You want more examples, simply go to and count how many members are sitting even though the majority of the people didn't vote for them. Want more? Go look at every sitting senator, the amount of representation in Ontario and Quebec vs everywhere else.

    Stronach did the exact same thing and their were no 'step downs', so the 'common law precedent' has already been set.

    So you can whine and complain about 'how unfair' it all is, but the reality is that it has ALWAYS been unfair. Want to change it? Change THE SYSTEM. Or keep banging your head against the wall. How do you 'change the system'? Just wait.., it's coming:)

  7. by avatar Spud
    Mon Feb 13, 2006 1:12 am
    That is the scary part Marcarc!

  8. Mon Feb 13, 2006 4:44 pm
    Focus, Marcarc! What happened in Vancouver-
    Kingsway embodies all the other democratic flaws ... and

    People can be fooled and/or hoodwinked for only so long. Right
    now, we should salute with great respect the upsurge of righteous
    wrath over the foul mess which erupted out of David Emerson's
    actions in Vancouver-Kingsway.

    If you really do care about the electoral flaws you mention, here's
    the battleground. Here's where you stand up for what you believe
    is right.

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