Building Exports Remains Important Strategy For Pork Industry

Posted on Monday, March 19 at 09:34 by jensonj
“Without exports, we're restricted to population growth and whatever we can do to compete on domestic demand,” said Dorminy. A data analysis conducted by the Pork Checkoff and University of Missouri shows impressive changes in U.S. pork exports over the past 21 years. U.S. pork exports have increased from 86 million pounds carcass weight equivalent in 1986 to 3 billion pounds in 2006. “The growth of exports is good news for pork producers,” said Glenn Grimes, University of Missouri economist, and one of three economists who conducted the analysis. The value of pork and pork byproducts obtained from exports increased from $1.97/hog in 1986 to $27.34/hog harvested in 2006. Pork variety meat in 2006 made up about $3 of that $27.34/hog export value. “There are countries that will pay surprising amounts of money for meat that you couldn't give away here in the U.S.,” Dorminy said. “That's extra revenue and that growth is critical for the growth and prosperity of the industry.”

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