Enter Mr. Broadbent

Posted on Saturday, December 20 at 20:36 by Anonymous
To be quite honest, being perfectly "Objective" is to have no opinion. Read THIS, and if the link doesnt't work, for whatver reason, go to globeandmail.ca, and read it on the site.

To paraphrase, the following contains this hilarity: "The Liberals have shown no intention of dismantling the social programs Canadians enjoy." Whatever. Enjoy! Happy reading!

(Oh yeah, and Broadbent's only 2 years older than Martin, after 14 years out of politics, who "Wants to govern until 75.) Heh.

More Liberal bias in the media:


The Globe and Mail, Saturday, December 20, 2003 - Page A28
Enter Mr. Broadbent

After much coaxing, and after insisting in October that it was "an extremely remote possibility" that he would re-enter politics, Ed Broadbent has re-entered politics. If he wins the NDP nomination in Ottawa Centre (probable) and wins the seat in the next election (possible), he will join new NDP Leader Jack Layton (assuming Mr. Layton can win a seat of his own) in the House of Commons......

Enter Mr. Broadbent

Note: Enter Mr. Broadbent

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