In Defence Of M.P. Garth Turner

Posted on Wednesday, November 15 at 08:36 by Wayne Coady
If you were to examine the party system, you would find that the wining governing party always takes revenge and punishes the losing parties by refusing to provide equal service or funding to those constituencies where they did not win the vote, now how can this be a good governing system? Governing political parties even punish those regional municipal governments, if their happens to be a Mayor who was once a known party member of the opposite party, this is not good governance, it is revenge governance and it is time we got rid of it. You see political parties have been taken over by big lobby groups, like lawyers, unions and a few other special interest groups, these groups and old party hacks use the party system to high-jack what was one the people “government”, to further and feather their own nest, while the majority of we taxpayers become nothing more than the means to raise finances through taxation, which these groups and hacks, tend to help themselves to. Our taxation system has turned into an extortion system, we are told our taxes are required to finance the public infrastructure, when in fact our taxes are also used to finance wealthy corporations, when if fact these corporations should seek business loans from the Canadian banking system, if taxes are to high for these business, then maybe there should be a flat tax, maybe adjusted so they are only paying on those services and the public infrastructure they use. Example, health, highway, policing, water sewage and military. M.P. Garth Turner is living proof that the party system is out of control and out of date with Canadians. There have been other elected politicians who also were sent down the road by the party system, because they spoke up. Anyone who thinks the party was justified in booting out M.P. Turner, surely does not understand democracy, or the purpose of voting and they do not understand why those who died in both Great Wars died, or today why our brave Canadian soldiers where sent into Afghanistan . If we are going to defend democracy in other countries, then we better practice what we claim to believe in right here at home in Canada , right now. The question I must ask is this, “who is served when we ask our Canadian Military to defend the democratic rights of those citizens in Afghanistan or Iraq, then turn right around here in Canada and silence the voice of its own citizens, and those we elect such as MP Garth Turner, how is this defending democracy? When you silence those voice we elect, and place them under the party whips control, we are crushing democracy and if the party controls the candidate, how can one call the party system democratic? In closing, I want to thank Independent M.P. Garth Turner for inviting Canadians into his form . M.P. Garth Turner has opened the door for us to rally alongside him , in his journey to get more recognition for independent candidates in the House of Commons, it is time the people had a voice and it is time we push for reforms to our political structure. Thank you M.P. Garth Turner for providing Canadians with this opportunity and form Respectfully Wayne Coady Cole Harbour Nova Scotia B2V-1Z2

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