Muslims Will Never Forgive Abu Ghraib: Journalist

Posted on Friday, November 10 at 08:41 by jensonj
“I have a friend in the Mossad… a very tough guy, speaks idiomatic Arabic. He told me, ‘I hate the Palestinians, and they hate me. We’ve done some terrible things to each another, but we know we will eventually have to live with one another. If we had done that, we could never live together. You guys have no idea what you have done.’” Hersh was the guest speaker at a public lecture launching Media@McGill, McGill University’s new interdisciplinary centre for teaching and research in media and communications, created with support from the Beaverbrook Foundation, headed by Timothy Aitken, grandson of Canadian-born British newspaper magnate and politician Lord Beaverbrook. Hersh, author of Chain of Command: The Road from 9/11 to Abu Ghraib, said the plan was to use the photos to blackmail prisoners to join the insurgency and become spies for the Americans, but it didn’t work. Hersh said he doesn’t blame the young people involved. Most had previously been civilians and had been sent to Iraq originally to work as traffic cops. They had only a few weeks training before being assigned to Abu Ghraib, he said.


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