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Posted on Monday, December 15 at 20:44 by Jim Callaghan
The politicians and the "corporate elite" are as of now running the show, but with a concerted effort, we can change that !

We must get the word out to family and friends, and if possible, take this video and show it to a group, such as the Lions Club, the Rotary Club, the Legion, the schools, and all gatherings of people that are concerned by the recent stupidity of our politicians.

They should ALL be charged with treason, for they are part and parcel with the selling out of Canada.

I am sure that we, as Canadians do not want to be pushed into alliance with the U.S. on a monetary or military basis.

It would mean the end of Canada as we know it.

Buy it and pass it on !!! Please!!

Note: Canada: Yes or No? Buy it

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