Where Have All The Jobs Gone ?

Posted on Wednesday, December 17 at 20:47 by Jim Callaghan
GM pays some $30 to $35 an hour, for installing a few nuts and bolts every 38 seconds. Wouldn't they like to move to Mexico where the wages are some $2 an hour ?? Ford has !! Skilled labour has a hard time getting more than $20 an hour. Go figure. I'm not anti-union, but I firmly believe they have out-priced themselves in most jobs. Lower your demands. It's that simple !! Cleaners in offices get $17 an hour, and the City of Toronto wants to privatize these companies to bring the wages to about $8 an hour. I don't agree with that, but I think the unions should lower their demands to reflect productivity. We wonder where the jobs have gone. Look at India, China, Mexico, amd look at their wages. $0.50 an hour to $2.50 an hour sure looks better than our average minimum wage of $7 to $8 an hour. Best-Buy, FutureShop and Wal-Mart are perfect examples. I could name 100 more. Let's get real !! If you want a strong economy, don't support other countries. It really is that simple. If you support Canadian companies and workers, then you automatically reduce poverty in Canada. That's the way it works. It seems too simplistic, but if you don't support the Canadian worker then you'll have to step over them when you are walking down the street. Which way would you rather have it ??

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