Nuclear Waste Dumping Unchecked

Posted on Tuesday, April 12 at 09:55 by FootPrints
Commission president Linda Keen told a public hearing here yesterday that the incidents raised questions about the competence of both AECL and the safety commission's officials and that more explanations were needed to get to the bottom of what went wrong. "We want to be significantly reassured," Keen said. Both AECL, a federal crown agency, and the commission's own staff were told to prepare comprehensive reports by September. The dumping, which violated health and safety conditions of AECL's licence, took place at Canada's largest atomic research facility, the Chalk River Laboratories, a sprawling facility a two-hour drive north of Ottawa. An investigation by the safety commission's staff concluded that waste dumping hadn't created a public health or safety hazard. But the probe severely criticized the federal crown corporation for not taking action when the problem became known in 1995. "Despite a wealth of information, numerous studies on the subject and the advice of their own staff, AECL continued a poor practice rather than adopt a lasting solution to the management of sewage sludge," for the Chalk River site, the report said. "The practices ... are not in keeping with AECL's assertion of being a leader in environmental management," it said. The problem arose from a laundry used to wash the protective clothing of lab employees who work with radioactive materials. The laundry discharge was mixed in with human sewage that was pumped into a primary treatment plant. Liquid sludge from the plant was dumped about 15 times a year on sandy soil less than three kilometres from the Ottawa River. continued here: ********************************************* Let me get this straight. They lost track of it for almost 10 years!!! Holy &%$#!

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