What Does Canada Stand For?

Posted on Thursday, July 06 at 09:59 by 4Canada
But, to the Canadians themselves, What Does Canada Stand For is a far more important question. It's a possible way of defining a National Identity or a Core Belief System. As an American, I tend to believe our national identity, our set of beliefs that define us as who we are, is much more readily apparent and stronger than those of Canadians. But, I could be wrong. So, I thought it was an interesting quesiton to query Canadian Bloggers and Writers on, to see what they had to say, learn how they felt, and present their responses. Krista Boryskavich addressed the issue of What Does Canada Stand For? in her June 29 Winnipeg Sun column: What does Canada stand for? It was a question raised to me in an e-mail from an American blogger, who wrote: "The reason I ask is I read ... comments about the recent arrest of the Canadian terrorist plotters (Robert Spencer at www.jihadwatch.org). Spencer contends 'the miasma of Canadian anything-goes multiculturalism' makes homegrown jihadism in Canada possible now and in the future, because 'Canada stands for nothing and can mount resistance to no ideology.' "If you ask me as an American what the United States stands for, the word that comes to mind is opportunity. But for you as a Canadian, what does Canada stand for?" Ask many non-Canadians what they think of Canada and it's likely they'll list some of the better-known icons, events and personalities that have come to symbolize our nation -- Tim Hortons, hockey, Wayne Gretzky, the beaver, the moose, the maple leaf, the CBC, the CN Tower, Pamela Anderson, the seal hunt, the Calgary Stampede, Celine Dion, and a cold bottle of good old Labatt's Blue. But the question of what Canada stands for goes much deeper than mere symbolism. It involves a set of shared values that all Canadians can embrace. http://jarrarsupariver.blogspot.com/2006/07/in-t-view-what-does-canada-stand-for.html [Proofreader's note: this article was edited for spelling and typos on July 6, 2006]

Note: www.jihadwatch.org http://jarrarsupariver....

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