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Posted on Saturday, October 01 at 15:18 by Spud
BD: What can people in other countries (the U.S., Europe, for example) do to help you, and from their countries fight military imperialism? I believe that the positions that all the countries of the region, of Europe, and organizations in the United States have taken so far are very good, which are to denounce U.S. military presence. To send letters to the Paraguayan embassies, asking for a correction of its foreign policy, show concern, and send us copies, is always good. Making known that what is happening in Paraguay is another form of support, doing actions in the streets of your country that can have repercussions through international news agencies would be very good. I believe that today's globalized world is with us, is leading us, and indeed it's happening; the globalization of struggles, since (U.S.) military presence in Paraguay affects the whole region, all countries, and is one more strategy of a world hegemonic power.

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