Thinking Vs Processing - Something To Really Think About

Posted on Monday, January 02 at 21:21 by whelan costen
Certainty is where people stop thinking and stop noticing. Any time you feel absolutely certain of something, thatís a sure sign that you have missed something. Itís sometimes convenient to deliberately ignore something for a while, but if youíre absolutely certain, youíll miss it forever. Itís easy for certainty to sneak up on you. Even people who are uncertain are usually certain about that, too. Either theyíre sure theyíre sure, or theyíre sure theyíre unsure. Rarely do you find someone who is uncertain about his doubts or uncertain about his certainty. You can create that experience, but you donít usually encounter it. You can ask someone, ďAre you sure enough to be unsure?Ē Thatís a stupid question, one he wonít be sure anymore after you ask it. The third disease is importance, and self-importance is the worst of all. As soon as one thing is ďimportant,Ē then other things arenít. Importance is a great way to justify being mean and destructive, or doing anything else thatís unpleasant enough to need justification. These three diseases are the way most people get stuck. You may decide something is important , but you canít get really serious about it until youíre certain that itís important. At this point you stop thinking altogether. " Using Your Brain--For a Change: Richard Bandler: ISBN 0911226273 Something to think about at least... [Proofreader's note: this article was edited for spelling and typos on January 3, 2006]

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