Software Will Let Users Dodge Government Internet Censorship

Posted on Wednesday, November 29 at 09:45 by Diogenes
It is not entirely bulletproof, but developers say it will be difficult for censors to identify and block psiphon. People in free countries can install the free open source software and turn their home computers into "psiphonodes," or personal, encrypted servers. The psiphonode administrator can create and manage user accounts so friends and relatives can log in from censored countries. The encrypted connection allows people in restrictive countries to go to the administrators' unique Web addresses, login with usernames and passwords provided by administrators, and surf the Web. The people living under censorship (the software developers call them psiphonites) never make a direct connection to Web sites through their own computers. The Web site operators cannot see users' information, though administrators can see everything the psiphonite does. The psiphon Web site, which provides the software, doesn't have to be operative for the software to work. In other words, even if a censoring regime blocks access to the psiphon Web site, people in restrictive countries can access the wide open Web through their friends' and family members' computers. [Proofreader's note: this article was edited for spelling and typos on November 29, 2006]


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