Justice Or Just Us?

Posted on Wednesday, March 14 at 10:01 by Diogenes
I told my son that it is time for me to unpack and unfurl my Gadsden Flag; to warn all to not tread upon me and mine. My son suggested that I get a window decal copy that will cover the entire back window of my car; one that will allow me to see out the window, even as it serves notice to anyone who tries to see in. I said that such a moving display would more than likely make me a target for the local and state branches of the federal Gestapo. However, what good is a strongly held belief if it is held tightly to one's chest in the privacy of one's living room. Who knows one of the uniformed neighbors who pulls me over might even have his day brightened. Imagine some unwillingly-held-under-the-federal-thumb local person who is actually-a-good-fellow-underneath being forced, because of federal intrusion, to pull over anycar displaying anyitem found offensive by the king. The local fellow expects to question a potentially-dangerous-suspect, but instead finds himself face-to-face with a gray-haired, black-listed, former public school teacher. "Eh, sonny. Did you finish your homework? Are you hanging out around good role models, or with a pack of delinquents? With the local police? Oh, %^#*^@@$! Does your family know what you are doing? Why, if I were your parents, I'd..." http://www.lewrockwell.com/taylor/taylor133.html

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