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Posted on Monday, June 28 at 10:39 by Kory Yamashita
Lets stop for a second and think about what they did for us. These brave young men didn't fight to end the Holocaust (they didn't know about it at the time) and they weren't fighting because they thought Hitler was a bad guy. What these men fought and died for was the right to self-determination and freedom - freedom from Nazi rule and freedom to choose our own leaders and our own laws to protect our own citizens. Now our country's right to self-determination is again under attack. This time it isn't Nazis in Europe. Rather, it's corporations in the US (and elsewhere). Right now Canadian laws are superceded by foreign corporate interests. If our government passes a law banning a toxic gasoline additive, for example, the foreign manufacturer of that additive can sue our government for "lost revenues". This means that we have to pay millions of dollars to come rich guys in the US to NOT subject ourselves to their poisons. Realistically, this means we don't have the power to make our own regulations anymore. So much for self-determination. So here is my call to arms: If those soldiers (our grandparents, in many cases) believed so strongly in an independent Canada, why are we so eager to throw it all away? Why is anyone even CONSIDERING "deeper integration" with the US when they already own us (literally)? If those heroic D-Day volunteers could give their lives for this country, couldn't we at least give a vote? The Conservatives are talking of "deeper integration". The Liberals promised in '93 to rebuild independence; they didn't deliver. The NDP has said they will renegociate NAFTA. Some say this is dangerous to our trade. Remember one thing: the US doesn't trade with Canada out of concern for our welfare. They do it because we have stuff that they not only want, but NEED. We can get a better deal that doesn't sell our country. Lets vote for the party that has a constructive solution and hasn't lied to us about this same subject in the past. Lets vote for the party that is walking purposefully towards a prosperous future rather than running blindly from a bleak one. LETS VOTE FOR THE NDP!!!! -KY (PS: The Canadian Action Party (CAP) is also very strong in this regard. Possibly stronger. But they don't have the national exposure yet. Either way, vote for someone who is looking forward rather than running blindly.)

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