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Posted on Saturday, September 10 at 13:24 by Anonymous
I want to bring to your attention three issues, issues that all of our present political parties support. Either by their own initiation or maintaining the status quo. Terrorism: Canada under the influence of the United States is putting through this fall a bill that gives police and national security agencies new powers to eavesdrop of cell phone calls and monitor internet activities of Canadians. This along with anti-terrorist Legislation Bill c36, Bill c7 which became law 6 May 2004 which allows Ministers to shut down our country and declare martial law without going to Parliament. Also with the urging of the U.S; Biometric Identification cards. We are getting awful close to a police state. The Government has learned from repeating the past many times that targeting a whole ethnic race in costly and that they need to develop a different strategy that will allow them to achieve the same goals. They will still target ethnic groups but now they will single out individuals or small groups most likely activist first. Your privacy will be invaded and if you are fighting human rights domestic or abroad you will come to the front of the line. If you speak out against Government policy or practice you will come to the front of the line. I hope you are listening because this happens now but not to the extent that the future will bring. Incarceration without legal representation will be used under the Terrorist Act and if they can make it look like you are evil they will seize your assets. Society will sit by and say oh well it is not me lets not make trouble. Where the governments old tactic of targeting whole groups would hopefully come under public outrage. Activist will be on their own. Where will freedom of speech and freedom to organize against human rights violations by the state be? Next: Debt Based Monetary System How it Functions in Canada (Taken from How the Debt Based Monetary System Functions in Canada) Canada is part of a world debt-based monetary system controlled and managed by bankers rather than sovereign governments. It was that world debt based monetary system that was responsible for the Great Depression of 1929. It is that world debt- based monetary system that today is creating the same conditions that lead to the 1929 crash. John Kenneth Galbraith, in The Great Crash of 1929, chronicled the day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year events leading up to October 24,1929, the day of the crash. He describes the manipulation of the markets by the banks, brokers, and corporate leadership. He describes malfeasance, larceny, and embezzlement that took place in 1929 followed by WWII. They parallel the horror stories of today. In recent years, millions of the world’s people have lost all, or nearly all, of their retirement savings. Corporations and individuals have gone bankrupt. Millions have lost their jobs and homes. Governments have cut spending. Several nations around the world are trying to stave off banking and economic collapse. Over 4 billion people live on $3.00 a day or less. By 1929, bankers, brokers, and corporate leadership ran the economic systems into collapse. As a result of their damage to the world’s economy, governments, economists, and other individuals came together to analyze, debate, and determine the causes of the crash, and then develop solutions to prevent the situation from happening again. In Canada, part of the solution was the nationalization of our Bank of Canada. The nationalized Bank of Canada did not materialize without work, struggle and deep political debate. In Canada one such political person was Gerry G. McGeer. During 30 years of political life, he was a BC Liberal, a member of the B.C. Provincial Legislative Assembly, a Member of Parliament, a Senator. He was Mayor of Vancouver City in 1935 and 1936. In 1936 McGeer published a book called Conquest of Poverty, or Money, Humanity and Christianity. In it he exposes with cold and simple logic the ruthless exploitation of humanity and Christianity by the money power that was wrecking capitalism and was threatening to destroy constitutional democracy and Christian progress. In the preface of his book he wrote: “Ever since the passage of The English Bank Act of 1844, the creation, issuance, and the regulation of the circulation of the current medium of exchange, though being duties that constitute the most conspicuous and sacred responsibilities of government, have been in large measure delegated in blind faith and absolute confidence to bankers and financiers.” “The complete collapse of the economic structure under banker management in a withering blight bankruptcy that brought on a veritable welter of destitution and chaos, proves that the private control of credit is fundamentally unsound. The failure of the private monetary system has been more disastrous then the most bitter opponents had ever dared to prophecy.” “Necessity now compels all to recognize that the creation and issuance of the medium of exchange, the monetization of public credit, the circulation of the medium of exchange, and the general supervision of the monetary system must be restored to government.” Where did I get this information? I received this information and much more from within Canada. Today it is the only Party with a vision for all people that will bring about change that will benefit all of us not just those who are rich and powerful. They will certainly be winners but not at the expense of the least of our comunities. The changes they are willing to make will begin the re-assertion of a community based Canada which is how we arrived to be one of the great nations in the first place. We with a lot of work and support could take our Country back for the people and when stable reach out as a role model for others not by force but by example. This would be a different approach to what we have now at the global level. Health Canada Then there is Health Canada. Who are they working for? Are they motivated towards looking for a cure for diseases or is a Band-Aid all they are willing to offer? Do they already have an idea of what is causing a large portion of diseases and illnesses within society? Have they taken action to correct it or are they in denial? For more information please read:, and go to the archives September 9, 2005: Canadian Action Party’s Proposal for Health Issues in Canada, by Catherine Whelan Costen If you want a better life for your children and grand children please support this party with whatever means you have. They need good people who are focused and cannot be bought. Time is running out before our next bust. History has shown you how we treat people in times of bust. Help this Party stop the cycle of abuse now by creating an environment of stability. Thank you for listening, please consider working for a better Canada. Diane Murray Dlmurray60(@) For more information on these topics and others, read articles and mission statements at: The Canadian Action Party NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE CANADIAN ALLIANCE PARTY THE CANADIAN ACTION PARTY Email: info(@) President Connie Fogal Vice President Catherine Whelan Costen [Editors note: Catherine has been a long-time participant on ViveLeCanada, long before her involvement with CAP. I wonder if Ms. Murray knew that . . .Dr C.] [Proofreader's note: this article was edited for spelling and typos on September 10, 2005]


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  1. Mon Sep 12, 2005 9:46 am
    Not everyone knows I am notorious on vive, Dr.C, but I have to tell you vive is getting some good exposure, per the emails I've been recieving.

    If I stand for my country today...will my country be here to stand for me tomorrow?

  2. Mon Sep 12, 2005 4:32 pm
    So, your Rapper name will be 'the Notorious CWC'. ;)

    I just thought a disclaimer couldn't hurt. I like the unsolicited stories like this, it shows how Vive does have an effect. Keep up the good work C#!

    "If you must kill a man, it costs you nothing to be polite about it." Winston Churchill

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