Officer Who Shot Dudley George Dies

Posted on Monday, February 27 at 22:30 by 4Canada
Deane, 45, was in charge of a four-man sniper team late at night on Sept. 6, 1995, with the job of escorting the force's crowd management unit, or riot squad, as it marched toward about three dozen protestors outside Ipperwash Provincial Park. Police marched on the park at night two days after Stoney Point Indians occupied the park, saying it contained sacred burial grounds. Their claims were later supported by documents released by the federal government. Deane, nicknamed "Tex" by colleagues, was expected to be called as a witness next month at the Ipperwash inquiry before Mr. Justice Sidney Linden in the town of Forest, near the now-closed park. The mandate of the inquiry is to probe events surrounding George's death, and to draft recommendations to prevent similar deaths in the future. "He did wrong, but the family has always said that he shouldn't be the scapegoat," George family lawyer Murray Klippenstein said. "The family thinks the inquiry can still do its very important job very well," Klippenstein said.


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  1. by avatar Spud
    Wed Mar 01, 2006 1:07 pm
    Paramilitary Police Officer!?
    Like in Guatemala?
    Trained by.......?
    Would have been interesting to hear what he had to say,but since he lied the first time around and the evidence was manipulated,who would have believed him?

  2. by avatar Spud
    Wed Mar 01, 2006 1:08 pm
    Thanks for that one 4Canada.

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