Bush: The Elephant In The Room

Posted on Friday, July 14 at 14:12 by 4Canada
Harper believes that in a world of defined power blocs and ambiguous threats, Canada's place is by America's side while Blair is equally convinced that it is the destiny of strong leaders to meet great challenges.

So far it's working better for a Conservative holding a narrow first minority than it is for a new-age Labour leader who only last year delivered a record third, if diminished, majority.

Seen as refreshingly decisive, Harper is nicely positioned for the next election while Blair is a diminished force in a dyspeptic party that is looking for salvation in heir-apparent Gordon Brown.

Still, it's those points of departure that make tomorrow's get-together intriguing. While the parallels are interesting along with linking arms with Bush, both leaders seized power by dragging their parties to the political centre it's Blair's ignominious end that's fascinating.

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