“These Craftsmen Do Not Intend Any Nationhood!” CAP Press Release

Posted on Sunday, November 26 at 23:36 by whelan costen
“Why,” she questions, “will Gilles Duceppe not ask for all Canadians what this is going to mean for the tax return, the standard of living, the health care, the education, the water supply, the culture, the passports, the immigration rules, the laws, the defence, the foreign policy, the jobs,and most importantly the inevitable and intended expanded burden of debt?” “Quebec as a nation within a nation, but with no powers, is the first formalization of Canadian disintegration,” she asserted. “The only way to save ourselves is to take control over Parliament with people committed to return the power to the electorate,” insisted Fogal. “This unanimous move to semantic nationhood for Quebec means the shadow government has hastened the pace because they know people are catching on. It is scrambling to deflect the truth movement!” -30- Canadian Action Party/ Parti action canadienne Leader, Constance (Connie) Fogal Telephone (604) 872 2128 home; Fax: (604) 872 1504 E-mail: conniefogal@telus.net #385- 916 West Broadway, Vancouver, B.C., V5Z1K7 Tel (604) 708-3372; Fax: (604) 872-1504; e mail info@canadianactionparty.ca Leader, Connie Fogal: e mail: conniefogal@telus.netmailto:cfogal@netcom.ca; ; home tel (604) 872- 2128 [Proofreader's note: this article was edited for spelling and typos on November 27, 2006]

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