Public Forum On SPP To Be Held April 27 In Vancouver

Posted on Sunday, April 06 at 14:44 by sthompson

Under the rhetoric of “protecting citizens”; governments, international bodies, and the corporate sector are rapidly intensifying security, surveillance and anti-terror regimes at the national and global levels.

In light of the next SPP Summit in New Orleans in April 2008, join us for a public forum including SHORT FILMS and SPEAKERS to find out about these developments and what you can do to challenge this expanding industrial-complex.

Sunday April 27
YWCA (733 Beatty Street, corner W. Georgia)
1 block from Stadium Skyrain Station

Did you know that

In Canada, over $25 billion has been spent on security measures since 9/11?

There are currently over 50 US employees and agents including from Homeland Security and FBI stationed in Vancouver?

As part of the Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreement, a series of joint military exercises will be held in advance of the 2010 Olympics?

A future world wide “Smart Cards” system is being tested on the Mohawk and Cree communities?

A $ 3.2 million maximum security prison “Guantanamo North” was built in Ontario to detain Muslim detainees on secret evidence?

There is a well-coordinated and growing network of global surveillance that has become one of the most lucrative global markets?

Organized by No One is Illegal-Vancouver.


For more information, email or call 778 885 0040

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