Harper Signs Key Agreements During Visit To Poland

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Prime Minister Harper Signs Key Agreements During Visit to Poland

4 April 2008
Gdansk, Poland

Prime Minister Stephen Harper arrived today in Gdansk, where he begins an official visit to Poland. Upon arrival the Prime Minister held a private meeting with Prime Minister Tusk, followed by a working dinner.

“Poland is a long-time friend of Canada, an important trading partner and a valued NATO ally”, said Prime Minister Harper. “We are working with Poland in many areas including the promotion of democracy, open markets and the rule of law in Eastern Europe. Our troops are standing side-by-side in Afghanistan, and Poland is making two helicopters available to bolster our operations in Kandahar. The human links between our countries have been reinforced by Canada’s recent decision to lift the visa requirement for Polish travellers to Canada. And during my visit, we have advanced a number of important new bilateral agreements.”

A Social Security Agreement was signed between Canada and Poland on April 2, 2008. This agreement, once it comes into force, will bring immediate benefits to over 5,000 Canadians by coordinating pension benefits between Canada and Poland. People who have lived or worked in Canada and Poland will now find it easier to qualify for social security benefits from either country. "With this agreement, we are ensuring that hard-working Poles and Canadians receive all the benefits they deserve," the Prime Minister said.

In addition, a formal Letter of Intent to conclude an Agreement on the Promotion of Young Citizens’ Mobility was signed. This Agreement will allow Canadian and Polish youth to obtain both study and non-study related work experience in each other’s countries. “In the very near future, our young people will be able take advantage of new travel and work opportunities in both our countries,” said Prime Minister Harper. The Prime Minister’s visit also resulted in agreement to begin negotiation of a new and updated Convention on the Avoidance of Double Taxation as well as an understanding that negotiation of the Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement will be concluded expeditiously. Both will enhance the trade and investment relationship between Canada and Poland. 


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