Trouble With The Border

Posted on Friday, April 11 at 10:56 by C.M. Burns

Surveillance footage vanishes

Several hours of surveillance footage recorded at Vancouver airport the night Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski was tasered and died were inadvertently erased by the Canada Border Services Agency a week after his death.


Ottawa gagged border agency
Senior B.C. officials with the Canada Border Services Agency were frustrated with an edict from Ottawa last fall banning them from speaking to the media about the Tasering and death of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski, according to internal agency e-mails obtained by The Vancouver Sun.


Bureaucrat scam alleged
In a alleged scam that defrauded taxpayers of at least $230,000, a federal bureaucrat is accused of using a government credit card to buy souvenir coins from the Royal Canadian Mint, then funnelling the cash into her personal bank account.

The Canada Border Services Agency staffer also allegedly used the card to buy laptop computers, palm pilots and other electronics, then allegedly resold them on eBay. Documents obtained under the Access to Information Act reveal co-workers had noticed the almost daily delivery of packages to the office and their colleague's "extravagant" lifestyle, yet the alleged spree continued for several months before her superiors caught on.


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  1. Thu Apr 10, 2008 10:08 pm
    ANd here's another from this morning:

    <b>Internal memos show border officials stalled details of Dziekanski death</b> ... ional/home

    Internal documents from the Canadian Border Services Agency show it was more concerned about protecting its reputation than providing information about a Polish immigrant who died at Vancouver International Airport, last year.

    The documents, obtained by CTV News, show significant co-operation between the airport, RCMP and border services officials in controlling the release of details following the Oct. 14, 2007 death of Robert Dziekanski.

    “Hopefully things will be quiet on this until tomorrow AM,” reads one document.

    “The material has been cleansed too much,” reads anothe

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