N.S. May Sign North American Labour Standards Agreement

Posted on Sunday, April 27 at 09:37 by NAUWATCH
N.S. may sign North American labour standards agreement

By DAVID JACKSON Provincial Reporter
Sat. Apr 26 - 4:47 AM

Nova Scotia exporters could soon have a way to handle U.S. and Mexican competitors who cut corners on labour standards.

The MacDonald government wants the province to sign on to the North American Agreement on Labour Co-operation, a side deal to the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Labour and Workforce Development Minister Mark Parent tabled a bill Friday to do that.

Mr. Parent said the labour co-operation agreement directs the participating jurisdictions to enforce their own labour laws. If not, a company or group like a union could launch a complaint.

So if a Nova Scotia company discovered a competitor in one of the other countries was producing goods at a lower price because it wasn’t following labour laws, the aggrieved company could have an administrative body look into it.


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